USI Inc. has developed four exciting and engaging interactive science programs for children and their families.  Our science events are designed to stimulate, engage and inspire children to know more about the topic.

All our events include interactive, hands-on activities that are correlated to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills set for Elementary Science.  Additionally, we also have developed professional development programs for teachers and are certified to provide professional hours by the Texas Education Agency.

Our events also include some very special items such as a Solar Car Race, a Storm Chaser video,

a Jr. Race Driver ID, Night Viewing with telescopes and much more.

Additionally, we invite an astronaut and NASA speakers to Amazing Skies and to spend a little one-on-one time with children.  StormFury features Dan Kottolowski, Hurricane Expert with AccuWeather and Tornado Tim, storm chaser seen on the Discovery Channel and BBC Science.

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USI Inc. has developed two engaging meteorological conferences for professionals, emergency managers, first responders, broadcast meteorologists and others.  

The Texas Severe Storms Weather Conference is a two day conference designed to bring the latest developments in emergency managerment, meteorology and decision making to those who are in the industry.  Additionally, we provide a one day seminar with basic and advance SkyWarn Storm Spotter Training.

We also support a one day HAM radio class for stormspotters to help gain their tech license.

The South Padre Island Weather Conference focuses on tropical systems and is a four day conference for Broadcast Meteorologists.  We bring the best minds in tropical meteorology in one place to educate, engage and inspire those who will take the message back to their communities .