Who We Are

We are a 501c (3) non-profit corporation that is focused on science and technology education.  We are comprised of educators, producers, scientists and regional community leaders, among others.  Our mission is to be the highest quality science resource for the region, inspiring scientific exploration through interactive education, exhibits, and programs.  Our goal is to be a quality community resource for informal science learning where children, families, school groups and individuals come to explore science and technology.

What We Do

The Urban Science Initiative Inc,  designs and produces educational science events that promote a good understanding of science concepts and facts through the use of stimulating “hands-on” science experiences for children and their parents.  We design these events using the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills set for Science.  We believe that providing opportunities to learn and experience science at an early age will foster the desire for greater knowledge and the foundation for becoming a future scientist within our community.

Who We Serve, Who Benefits

Our outreach programs, Oceanarium, Amazing Skies, StormFury and Acceleration  are designed to appeal to ocean science enthusiasts, amateur oceanographers, meteorologists, storm-chasers, automotive enthusiasts, pilots, ship pilots, train engineers, astronomers, space enthusiasts, storm spotters, educators, and students, in particular, minority students, as they comprise a significant and growing portion of our total population. 

We believe that students who are given the opportunity to have real-life, hands-on experiences doing science and are exposed to science education programs, have a higher probability of going on to careers in science that could lead to significant discoveries and exciting scientific exploration.


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